World Gliding Championships

Competitor information

18 Nov 2014

Number of entries

Each NAC may enter up to five pilots, with a maximum of two pilots in a class. Additionally current world champions may be entered. We will accept a maximum of 120 pilots with no more than 50 pilots in a class.

We are especially looking forward to entries from NAC:s of the new EU countries in former East Europe.

A reserve pilot can replace a nominated pilot in case of a withdrawal. Reserve pilots will also be admitted after 28th of Feb. 2006 in a class where vacancies exist, provided entry fees for the officially entered pilots have been received. Selection will be made according to the Country Scores of the IGC Ranking System observing the maximum number of allowable entries.

Entry fee

Is 950 € per pilot

Qualifications for competitors

The qualifications for competitiors will be as defined by the Sporting Code, Annex A, section 3.2 with no modifications.

Entry procedures

Preliminary entries shall be submitted not later than 2005-12-31 The preliminary entry form can be downloaded here and shall be submitted by e-mail to

Final entries shall be submitted not later than 2006-02-28
Final entry forms (for pilots, team captains, and crews) will be available on the webpage and shall be submitted together with digital photos of pilots and team captains to They shall also (without the photos) be sent as a hard copy signed by the pilot/team captain/crew and signed by the NAC to:

Svenska Segelflygförbundet
Idrottens Hus
SE-114 73 Stockholm

Entry fees shall be paid not later than 2006-02-28 to

Svenska Segelflygförbundet
Box 750
SE-521 22 Falköping

Bank: Svenska Handelsbanken
SE-106 70 Stockholm
Swift code: HANDSESS
Bank account number: 319 416 712
IBAN code: SE15 6000 0000 0003 1941 6712

Tasks and Results

18 Nov 2014

Download all ZIP-file (101 MB!)
Tasks and results A matrix with all tasks and individual results.
IGC view Show and compare all logged flights in Google Maps, Google Earth or as altitude, distance or speed plots over time! (Javascript)
Tables and charts 15-meter,    18-meter,    Standard,    Open,    Team Cup results 
vPos tracking Show tracking images with live update every 30 seconds. A courtesy of Silent Wings.
Silent Wings Viewer Install the Silent Wings Viewer. Download software and scenery for Sweden. A free of charge license for use during WGC2006 i.e. until June 19.
IGC-files for 28/5 All igc-files of practice day #1 compressed in a zip-archive.
IGC-files for 29/5 All igc-files of practice day #2 compressed in a zip-archive.
IGC-files for 2/6 All igc-files of practice day #3 compressed in a zip-archive.
IGC-files for 4/6 All igc-files of competition day #1 compressed in a zip-archive.
IGC-files for 5/6 All igc-files of competition day #2 compressed in a zip-archive.
IGC-files for 7/6 No competition day, but anyway... (15-meter and 18-meter class only)
IGC-files for 8/6 All igc-files of competition day #3 compressed in a zip-archive.
IGC-files for 9/6 All igc-files of competition day #4 compressed in a zip-archive.
IGC-files for 10/6 All igc-files of competition day #5 compressed in a zip-archive.
IGC-files for 11/6 No competition day, but anyway... (15-meter class only)
IGC-files for 12/6 All igc-files of competition day #6 compressed in a zip-archive.
IGC-files for 13/6 All igc-files of competition day #7 compressed in a zip-archive.
IGC-files for 15/6 All igc-files of competition day #8 compressed in a zip-archive.
IGC-files for 16/6 All igc-files of competition day #9 compressed in a zip-archive.
IGC-files for 17/6 All igc-files of competition day #10 compressed in a zip-archive.


18 Nov 2014

Daily forecasts
*) username=wgc2006, password=wgc2006
Aviation weather
Automatic forecast from Väderprognosen (MM5)
Automatic forecast from Wetter-Jetzt

Our meteorologists from left:
Thomas Mårtensson, Bernt Olofsson and Ebba Mårtensson

Time schedule

18 Nov 2014

December 31, 2005 Preliminary entries registered  
February 28, 2006 Final Entry Forms with Entry fee due  
April 3, 2006 Deadline for class change   
April 3, 2006 Deadline for approval of new GNSS FRs 2006  
May 28 – June 2, 2006 Registration  
May 28 – June 2, 2006 Official training  
May 28 – June 2, 2006 Acceptance check for gliders  
June 2, 2006 Configuration change closes at 18:00 hrs  
June 2, 2006 First Team Captains briefing at 20:00 hrs  
June 3, 2006 Opening Ceremony at 14:00 hrs   
June 4 – June 17, 2006 Contest flying  
June 17, 2006 Fare well party at 20:00 hrs  
June 18, 2006 Closing Ceremony and Prize giving at 11:00 hrs



18 Nov 2014

Pilots (totally 116)

Class: 15-meter (23 entries)

Bauder, Karl Eugen Germany Ventus 2ax EI
Breidahl, Henrik Denmark Ventus 2a 5A
Butnoris, Gintautas Lithuania LAK 17a VO
Centka, Janusz Poland Diana 2 BB
Coutts, John New Zealand ASW27 P8
Demmerer, Heimo Austria Ventus 2 OF
Engström, Mikael Sweden Ventus 2b 620
Eriksson, Börje Sweden Ventus 2a 8X
Galetto, Giorgio Italy Ventus 2ax Y
Gaude, Javier Argentina Ventus 2b KX
Ghiorzo, Stefano Italy Ventus 2a VS
Gulyás, György Hungary Ventus 2a V8
Hartl, Wolfgang Austria ASW27 H1
Ittner, Gary USA Ventus 2b C
Jensen, Erik Døssing Denmark Discus 2T AA
Koutny, Petr Czech Republic Ventus 2ax AX
Litt, André-Emmanuel Belgium Ventus 2bx MM
Mockler, David USA ASW27 VW
Navas, Gilles France Ventus 2a 1L
Netusilová, Alena Czech Republic Ventus 2a AZ
Nurmiranta, Hannu Finland Ventus 2a YX
Raimond, Steven Netherlands ASW27 1R
Theisinger, Georg Germany ASW 27 LT

Class: 18-meter (36 entries)

Amann, Werner Austria Ventus 2 cX WG
Aske, Ole John Norway LS-8 b CI
Avanzini, Luciano Italy ASG 29 3AB
Back, Holger Germany LS-10 71
Danz, Werner Switzerland Antares 18S BT
Eilert, Ulrik Denmark LS-6c YF
Fratrik, Tibor Slovakia Ventus 2cxT CX
Geerlings, Arnold South Africa Ventus 2cxT GM
Hoelgaard, Mogens Denmark Ventus 2cxT MO
Ichikawa, Makoto Japan Ventus 2CX M
Indrebo, Rick USA ASG 29 99
Janowitsch, Wolfgang Austria Ventus 2cx WO
Jones, Phil UK Ventus 2cxT 210
Jones, Steve UK Ventus 2cxT 250
Krejcirik, Petr Czech Republic LS-10 10
Kuvik, Lubor Slovakia Ventus 2cxT LK
Lherm, Gérard France Ventus 2cx EP
McLauchlan, John "Mannie" South Africa ASG 29 133
Miliunas, Kestutis Lithuania LAK 17 NV
Nielles Sanchez, Alexandre Spain DG 600M-18WL JV
Pankka, Asko Finland Ventus 2c N2
Pettersson, Åke Sweden ASG 29 29
Sabeckis, Vytautas Lithuania LAK 17a SV
Saurin, Gustavo Argentina Ventus 2cT SS
Schwarz, Yvonne Switzerland LAK 17a YYY
Sironi, Alberto Italy Ventus 2cxT AS
Smielkiewicz, Andrzej Poland Ventus C A2
Stouffs, Patrick Belgium Ventus 2cT VP
Tabart, Tony Australia Ventus 2CM TL
Termaat, Ronald Netherlands Ventus 2cxT XT
Timoshenko, Dmitry Russia LAK-17 SA
Uoti, Pekka Finland LS-8-18 U2
van Nes, Hadriaan Netherlands DG 800s S9
Vastik, Juan Argentina DG 808 VG
Wujczak, Stanislaw Poland ASG 29 PL
Zimmerman, Sam USA Ventus 2cx SZ

Class: Open (22 entries)

Aboulin, Laurent France Nimbus 4T AF
Ax, Göran Sverige ASW22 ble TC
Ballarati, Giorgio Italy ETA X33
Batenburg, Peter Netherlands Nimbus 3T 3T
Butler, Dick USA ASW22 DB DB
Caillard, Jean-Marc France Nimbus 4M RG
Cheetham, Russell UK ASW22 ble C2
Colson, Jean-Luc Belgien ASH 25E GY
de Broqueville, Pierre Belgium Nimbus 4DM PS
Goudriaan, Oscar South Africa ASW22 ble 1E
Gäumann, Markus Switzerland Nimbus 4M NB
Harvey, Peter UK Nimbus 4T N1
Hegedüs, László Hungary Nimbus 4T XX
Karow, Holger Germany Nimbus 4M X
Lehto, Antti Finland ASW22 ble 73
Maine, Quintin South Africa Nimbus 4M QM
Rendla, Tomas Czech Republic ASW22 ble PF
Rubaj, Tomasz Poland ASW22 bl AT
Sommer, Michael Germany ASW22 ble HM
Sörbye, Erlend Norway Nimbus 4DM DM
Taglieber, Miklós Hungary ASH 25M MK
Takizawa, Shinzo Australia Nimbus 4M FE

Class: Standard (35 entries)

Boye-Møller, Arne Denmark LS-8 a AB
Darroze, Olivier France Discus 2a ET
Davis, Andrew UK Discus 2a 80
Delfabro, Mauricio Argentina ASW28 K7
Edslev, Uffe Denmark LS-8 a EC
Foltin, Vladimir Slovakia LS-8 s SI
Girard, Guillaume France Discus 2a DA
Goldenzweig, Damián Argentina LS-8 T1
Gostner, Thomas Italy Discus 2a GD
Grabskis, Adomas Lithuania LAK-19 AG
Halász, László Hungary Discus 2a HAL
Hood, Jez UK LS-8 352
Inaebnit, Eduard Switzerland Discus IE
Jacobs, Douglas USA Discus 2Cx D2
Jarysz, Piotr Poland LS-8 LOT
Kubovcik, Viliam Slovakia Discus 2 DI
Lauer, Gerd Peter Germany LS-8 a GP
Liaugaudas, Darius Lithuania LAK 19 DL
Lindell, Ronny Sweden LS-8-18 RO
Louzecky, Pavel Czech Republic LS-8 b JB
Luski, Rafi Israel LS-8 a VC
Nordh, Jan-Ola Sweden Discus 2T TA
Olivier, Sven South Africa LS-8 RM
Pozniak, Mariusz Poland LS-8 MP
Raudsandmoen, Geir Norway LS-8-18 (15m span) CG
Roine, Kristian Finland Discus 2b N3
Saarnimo, Timo Finland LS-8 EU
Schramme, Reinhard Germany Discus 2a Y4
Suchanek, Tomas Czech Republic Discus 2a GX
Szabo, Peter Hungary Discus 2a BX
Verkuijl, Jeroen Netherlands ASW28 SEI
Wassenaar, Jelmer Netherlands Discus E2
Wells, Leigh UK LS-8 LS
Ziegerhofer, Herbert Austria LS8-t 8T
Øksenholt, Steinar Norway LS-8 a AJ


Contact and officials

18 Nov 2014

World Gliding Championships 2006
Ekeby flygfält 
SE-632 23 Eskilstuna
phone: +46-16-513489
fax: +46-16-513477
N59°22'50" E016°26'23"

Maps: Google Maps    MapQuest    ViaMichelin    Gula Sidorna



Robert Danewid
  Deputy CD
Sakari "Sakka" Havbrandt
Christer Hård af Segerstad
Ann-Lis Olsson
  Competition office:
Owe Engström
  Competition office, accounts:
Per Hedfors
Ulf Broberg
  Technical control:
Torleif Hiort
Lars Broberg
  Towing, technical support:
Lars-Erik Olsson
Lars-Åke Allerhed
Martin Andersson
Bernt Olofsson
Riikka Vilkuna
  Chief Scorer:
Páll Einarsson
Bo Christensson
Mattias Hemborg
Reno Filla
  Bulletin editor
& webmaster:
KG Jonsson-Finne
  Viking news editor:
Ritz de Luij
  Eskilstuna Flygklubb:
Agneta Engström
  President of the jury:
Tor Johannessen
  Jury member:
Peter Eriksen
  Jury member:
Roland Stuck
  Chief steward:
Dick Bradley
Arild Solbakken
Marina Vigorito Galetto
Ulf Ringetz

Any questions or problems with the web site, please email


18 Nov 2014


File Description
WGC_FinalResults_web2.pdf WGC2006 final results for your own printout. [PDF 12 MB]
OSTIV_0606008.ppt Key note speech at OSTIV opening by Sakari Havbrandt
Outlandings060601.ppt Outlanding presentation by Sakari Havbrandt
AnnexA-Letter-to-Delegates-Flarm-100506.pdf AnnexA Letter to Delegates Flarm-100506
LocalProcedures_WGC2006.pdf Local Procedures for WGC 2006
WGC_Operational_procedures5.ppt Operational Procedures for WGC 2006 (Self Briefing)
Soaring_conditions.pdf Soaring conditions in the Competition Area
tgpgte.pdf The Glider Pilot's Guide to Eskilstuna. The text file
Credit to Maxwell Crestborne & Mikael Engström
tgpgte.cup The Glider Pilot's Guide to Eskilstuna. The waypoint file
Credit to Maxwell Crestborne & Mikael Engström
tgpgte.kmz The Glider Pilot's Guide to Eskilstuna for Google Earth
Credit to John Leibacher
tgpgte.ov2 The Glider Pilot's Guide to Eskilstuna in TomTom format for mobile devices
Credit to John Leibacher
Anti-Doping_Form.pdf Anti doping Acknowledgement and Agreement form.pdf
FAI_anti_doping_rules.pdf FAI anti doping rules and procedures
WGC-2006-wpt-rev1.dat Official Waypoint file in format for WinPilot and SeeYou/SeeYou Mobile
WGC-2006-wpt.cup Offcicial Waypoint file in format for SeeYou. This is the file that will be used for verification of all championships flight
WGC-2006-air.txt Official airspace for the competition area in OpenAir-format for WinPilot and SeeYou/SeeYou Mobile
WGC-2006-air-AW.txt Airspace for WGC 2006 in OpenAir format generating airspace warnings for the competition area. Updated June1, hr 11.40
WGC-2006_airspace_map.pdf WGC 2006 airspace map in PDF-format
Prel_entries_for_WGC2006.doc Preliminary entry form in MS Word format to be filled in and sent no later than December 31
AnnexA_2005.pdf Annex A to Sporting Code Section 3 (updated 2006-02-28)
Invitation_WGC2006.pdf Invitation letter


Press information

18 Nov 2014

VM i segelflyg 2006
Ekeby flygfält 
632 23 Eskilstuna
webb:   ·   e-post:
tel: 070-572 06 93   ·   fax: 016-51 34 77
ICAO Locator ESSC   ·   N59°22'50" E016°26'23"
Kartor: Google Maps    ViaMichelin   Gula Sidorna

Tävlingen:VM i segelflyg genomförs 3 – 17 juni 2006 i Eskilstuna med 116 tävlande från 26 länder. Deltagarna tävlar i fyra klasser: 15 meter, 18 meter, Standard samt Open. Klassindelningen är beroende på spännvidd och prestanda på segelflygplanen.
Tävlingen går ut på att på kortaste tid flyga en bana som är olika för varje tävlingsdag. Den maximala poängen en dag är 1000. Varje dags poäng adderas och den som har flest poäng efter sista tävlingsdagen vinner sin klass.Deltagare:Deltagarna kommer från Argentina, Australien, Belgien, Danmark, Finland, Frankrike, Israel, Italien, Japan, Litauen, Nederländerna, Norge, Nya Zeeland , Polen, Ryssland, Schweiz, Slovakien, Spanien, Storbritannien, Sverige, Sydafrika, Tjeckien, Tyskland, Ungern, USA samt Österrike.
De svenska deltagarna är Göran Ax, Landskrona ; Mikael Engström, Eskilstuna; Börje Eriksson, Uppsala; Ronny Lindell, Landskrona; Jan-Ola Nordh, Örebro samt Åke Pettersson, Stockholm.
Kvinnor och män tävlar under samma villkor. Den yngste deltagaren är Piotr Jarysz, Polen, 23 år. Den äldste är Tony Tabart, Australien, 70 år.Organisation:Tävlingen är organiserat av Svenska Flygsportförbundet på uppdrag av IGC, International Gliding Commission som är en avdelning inom FAI, Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. 

Svenska Flygsportförbundet har uppdragit åt Segelflyget och Eskilstuna Flygklubb att genomföra tävlingen på Ekeby Flygfält i Eskilstuna. Totalt arbetar c:a 200 funktionärer ideellt med tävlingen. En av funktionärerna har rest hit från Canada enbart för tävlingen. De övriga kommer från svenska flygklubbar.